Don & Cathy VanHauwaert Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Pacesetter Homes and to share “our story” with you. Please feel free to share it as you see fit.

In February 2005, we began to research modular home vendors in the Yuma area with a view to purchasing a new home. A friend told us to check out all the vendors in the area and when we were done, to go back and talk to you at Pacesetter Homes. Our own research bore the same fruits and in mid-November 2005, we contacted you to purchase our home.

Our permanent residence is in Canada, so walking into your office to choose colors, etc., wasn’t a possibility for us. With the help of e-mail and the internet, you and your staff were so helpful in taking photos of carpet and flooring, countertop and curtain samples and sending them off to us. From these photos, we were able to make all our choices and we were very pleased with the final effect.

Our next issue was possession date. Ideally we wanted to take possession of our home in early February 2006 and although we realized three months was really a short timeline, you were able to have our new home on site the last week of December and it was ready for possession by February 1st. Wow!

No new home comes without some remedial work required, but we found our Pacesetter home had only minor cosmetic deficiencies that Ivan and his staff looked after quickly and efficiently.

Our Pacesetter experience was totally positive and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for everything you did to make our home a “dream come true”.

Wilda & Al Melwiski Yuma, Arizona

Pacesetter Friends,

When Al and I decided to stay full-time in Yuma, we decided to buy a new home, and went to Pacesetter. We were delighted with what we found, and chose the Pueblo model. That was two years ago, and we are as happy with our choice as we were then.

We found the advertising about Pacesetter homes to be true. The extra insulation and double pane glass in the windows really make the home comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter’s cooler months.

We had very few problems, and what did occur was taken care of cheerfully, and professionally. Thank you, Mike and staff.

P.S. We would not hesitate to recommend Pacesetter to anyone looking to buy a home in the future.


Wilda & Al Melwiski

Steve and Patrisha Machado Yuma, Arizona

To Whom It May Concern,

After living in our new Pacesetter home from Pacesetter Homes for a year now, we are still just as excited about it as we were the day we moved in.

We are very pleased with the service that Pacesetter Homes has given us. They have proven to us that they have really been in business for 20 years, by always showing us that they care, and giving us the prompt service that everyone expects with the purchase of a new manufactured home.

We have already begun to save money with our energy-efficient home. We could not believe how low our energy bills have been, compared to when we lived in a two-bedroom apartment.

Pacesetter Homes is highly recommended by us to anyone who is in the market for a new home. Pacesetter Homes is family-oriented and very personable. They will see that you start out happy and stay happy with your new purchase.


Steve and Patrisha Machado

Rosanna Trickett Yuma, Arizona

Pacesetter Friends,

I recently purchased my first manufactured home from your establishment. I have to say I am very pleased with the quality of the Pacesetter Homes. The energy efficiency of your homes is by far #1 in the industry.

Your prompt service work was superior, and I will recommend you to anyone.

Thank You So Much,

Rosanna Trickett

The Logan Family Yuma, Az

We would like to express our sincerest, heart-felt thanks to you for getting us the house on Sheila Ave. From the very first phone call to Danny-to the signing of the papers-you treated us with the utmost of respect, and your knowledge & experience show through!!! We will be recommending you to anyone & everyone who want to by a house & be treated like family. Sincerely The Longan Family

Larry & Erma Schlake Yuma, Arizona

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

We purchased a home in Rancho Rialto in February 2013 through Doreen Caldwell. We wanted to let you know we really appreciate Doreen, she was very pleasant and patient. We felt very comfortable work with her.

Always very helpful.


Larry & Erma Schlake

Sara Akins Yuma, Arizona

Dear Pacesetter Homes and Danny Bryant,

I want to thank you and let you know that I have won the title of the “Yuma Jaycee’s 68th Silver Spur Rodeo Queen.”

You have believed in me once before this year and I am extremely grateful that you believed in me again.

I am honored to have you as my sponsor and look forward to the 2013 year representing Yuma, Arizona and Pacesetter Homes. Thank you again for all of your help.


Sara Akins.

St. Francis Of Assisi Dad’s Club Yuma, Arizona

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

I would like to thank you for your kindness on behalf of the students and staff of Saint Francis of Assisi School. Our recent Golf Tournament, “The 2012 Dr. Manny Cordova Memorial Golf Classic” was a huge success thanks to the generosity of your organization and many other businesses like yours. It was a very welcome sight to have at least 3 Tee Signs on every hole.

The proceeds from the Tournament will help provide goods and services to the students and staff of Saint Francis of Assisi School that fall outside normal budgetary allowances. In addition, the Saint Francis of Assisi Dad’s Club will make a considerable donation to the Pastor’s Scholarship Fund in honor of Dr. Manny Cordova.

Dr. Cordova will be missed, but his legacy will live on in the lives of everyone he touched. We appreciate your help in paying tribute to his memory. Once again, on behalf of the children of Saint Francis, Thank you and God Bless.


Joseph John Paul Martinez

Saint Francis of Assisi Dad’s Club

Julianne Moreno Yuma, AZ

Dear Mr. Bryant,

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Pacesetter Home Centers Nursing Scholarship. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to complete my Bachelor’s degree. I am also able to achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.

I have just completed my second of five semesters as a nursing student at Northern Arizona University’s Yuma campus. The challenges of being a college student, a wife, and a mother are many. One of those challenges is the financial burden placed on our family during this transition to my new career. The Pacesetter Home Centers Nursing Scholarship helps ease the burden. My family is and will be eternally grateful for this gift.

As you know, Yuma is an underserved rural area. Becoming a health care professional in my hometown will offer me numerous additional ways to serve my community. This scholarship will significantly help me achieve my goals, will help my family financially, and will ultimately benefit my community.

Once again, I offer my sincerest thanks for your continued generosity to the Pacesetter Home Centers Nursing Scholarship.


Julianne Moreno

Michael and Lindsay Lee Yuma/Elko, Arizona/Nevada

I would like to say Thank You to Rudy Molina! I began talking with Rudy many years ago regarding a house. When the time finally came, Rudy produced the original file that was started on the idea, which, in my opinion is the best customer service I have ever had. Well our house is on and I just received the keys. My wife and I are looking forward to Winter Break to start to get settled and begin our snow bird life early until we are back home (which Yuma is) full time. I spoke with Rudy the other day regarding appliances and he asked me if he could assist and be there to take delivery and help set them up before we arrived. This is what I mean by the best caring customer service I have ever had. Rudy I will be talking to you soon regarding the appliances, but in the mean time thank you for everything from my family to yours. Folks, if you are thinking of buying from Pacesetter, please do and ask for Rudy Molina. Rudy and Pacesetter are a class act. Rudy we will be talking about a garage in the future. Take care and see you in a few weeks.

Michael and Lindsay Lee

Sharon Lara Yuma,, Arizona

Dear Pacesetter Home Centers,

First of all I would like to thank Pacesetter Home Centers so much for choosing me as a recipient of the Pacesetter Home Centers Nursing Scholarship.

My name is Sharon Lara, I am a middle-age Hispanic mother of three children, employee at Yuma Regional Medical Center as a Clinical Associate and i am a full-time student in the NAU Yuma Nursing Program. I will use the scholarship toward my goal of making a significant difference in the lives of people in the field of nursing.

I would like to start my nursing career on the med-surge floor I work on as a clinical associate. This is where I feel I get the most experience because of the wide range of patients that we treat on our med-surge unit. Then I would like to move on to either Patient Education and Advocacy or Wound Care and Educator. I know that in my nursing role I will enjoy educating patients. I feel this is how you can change people’s lives the most by teaching, and giving them the tools to make changes in their lives for themselves.


Sharon Lara

Adell & Dayle Pfiefer Yuma, Arizona

We sincerely appreciate all you have done for us in the creation of our new home. You truly have gone out of your way to accommodate us. Thank you again.

Adell & Dayle

Sharon Burkin Yuma, Arizona

I wish to compliment you on your excellent staff. I had an alternative (park model) put n my lot in Country Roads. Doreen handle everything for me. With the help of e-mail and phones, I was up to date on all happenings on my new park model alternative. I would recommend Pacesetter and Doreen to all whom ask about my new home. Sean was very efficient when I first arrived and needed a couple of things done.

Yours truly,

Sharon Burkin

Nick and Barb Jensen Yuma , AZ

We have never bought a manufactured home before, But thanks to George, we have a beautiful new Pacesetter Home. He not only sold it to us but every time we ran into an obstacle with the county or a contractor, George stepped in and handled it. We highly recommend Pacesetter Homes Center and George to anyone looking for a new home. They are professional, honest and know there stuff. Give George a call. You will be glad you did!

Nick and Bard Jensen

Ellynore Smith Yuma , AZ

Dear Pacesetter Home Center,

Just a note to tell you how much i love my Pacesetter home (and don’t dare call it a trailer).

Twice when i had a minor problem Pacesetter was there within a day to fix it. the home is so well insulated that my electric bill is low- $150 in a summer month and that includes running pool equipment.

Buying this home was a decision i have never regretted . I have never regretted. I feel richly blessed to live in my beautiful home.


Ellynore Smith Wellton

Don and Lynn Cramer Yuma , AZ

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the interest in our move to Savant Estates.

We were welcomed warmly and our questions and concerns were addressed quickly and thoroughly. We thank you for your help it make it so we were able to have our garage finished in time for us to be able to store our household goods until the house was moved. This saved us in storage fees and made move day an easy process.

All your staff was wonderful and so were the people at Westerner Products Inc. If anyone is Contemplating to buy or move a manufactured home, we highly recommend Pacesetter Home Center and their subcontractors.

Our move was within our budget and we had no hidden costs or surprises. So to all who made our move to Coyote Ranch a very pleasant experience, we say thank you and congratulations on a job well done. We invite anyone to come and talk to us and see our house and the great job from Danny, Mike and all involved.

Thank you,

Lynn & Don Cramer

Patty & Darrell Wilson Yuma, AZ


I (Patty) have worked in the modular home industry for 20 years. When we planned to move to Arizona, we flew in and went house hunting. I was getting very discouraged. The house we built were very high quality, and i wasn’t finding anything to come close to what we sold. I was amazed at how many poor quality there was to choose from. The last place I checked was Pacesetter Home Centers. I was so relieved to not only to find great quality, but a very friendly, helpful staff. From office staff to repair crew. We love our home. We have been here 3 years, and are still very pleased.

Thank you Pacesetters for great value and service.

Patty & Darrell Wilson

John Schwind Yuma, Arizona

Nearly four years after taking possession of our new Pacesetter Homes, Pacesetter has once again demonstrated and outstanding commitment to its customers.

The day after arriving in Yuma for the winter and while in the shower, without warning I discovered the hard way there was absolutely no cold water available in the shower. Within a few hours after asking you for help, your employee Sean Lawrence arrive, quickly diagnosed the problem and repaired the shower valve. His quick response was matched by his professional attitude and effort to make sure everything was functioning properly.

I would you to express my thanks to Sean and to thank you personally for your follow up call to insure that everything was completed satisfactorily. Under your leadership, Pacesetter Homes continues to provide the outstanding post-sale support that reinforces our purchase decision, just like you said you would.

Thank you again. If you ever have a prospect that is not quite sure about Pacesetter Homes, have them call us.


John & Marjorie Schwind

Budd & Evelyn Stapley Yuma, AZ

Dear Danny,:

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our Pacesetter Home. When we decided to sell our first Pacesetter single wide witch we were very satisfied with, but just wanted a little more space and a third bedroom. Our first stop was back to Pacesetters to check out your double wides.

One trip through your models and we both chose the same model. Our single wide did not sell as quickly as we would have liked but when we had a buyer it was a cash deal and things had to move very quickly. Your whole staff co-operated and worked as a team with us to have our dreams come true.

From the sales team making sure that our order was exactly what we wanted to your service department being on top of each phase of the set up on our lot. Every detail was handled very professionally. Vanessa Champion kept on top of the scheduling for the service crew.

We are always ready to recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone we talk with that is interested in purchasing a manufactured home.

Thank you again,

Budd & Evelyn Stapley

Sam & Deloros Shemwell Yuma, AZ

June 2, 2010 we moved into our double wide manufactured home that we purchased from Pacesetter Homes Centers. Our plan was a custom plan that took lots of expertise and patience to have everything just right. Working with Doreen She knew all if the I’s and T’s that needed to be dotted and crossed. She was not satisfied until our wants were met, and everything was as it should be. A trip to the factory with Doreen on about day 5 of production proved very beneficial, we were able to fine tune a few points, also measure the rooms’ exact size.

When the home was delivered it came in without a problem. This was dew to Doreen’s diligence on all matters including preparation of the lot, setbacks, concrete, and exact dimensions of the house. After we had been in the home for a short while Pacesetter has been very good about fixing the “little” things that have popped up.

We have not hesitated to recommend Pacesetter and Doreen to our friends.

Sam & Deloros Shamwell

Sam & Deloros Shemwell Yuma, AZ

June 2, 2010 we moved into our double wide manufactured home that we purchased from Pacesetter Homes Centers. Our plan was a custom plan that took lots of expertise and patience to have everything just right. Working with Doreen She knew all if the I’s and T’s that needed to be dotted and crossed. She was not satisfied until our wants were met, and everything was as it should be. A trip to the factory with Doreen on about day 5 of production proved very beneficial, we were able to fine tune a few points, also measure the rooms’ exact size.

When the home was delivered it came in without a problem. This was dew to Doreen’s diligence on all matters including preparation of the lot, setbacks, concrete, and exact dimensions of the house. After we had been in the home for a short while Pacesetter has been very good about fixing the “little” things that have popped up.

We have not hesitated to recommend Pacesetter and Doreen to our friends.

Sam & Deloros Shamwell

Dr. Stephen Adelstine Yuma , AZ

Dear Danny,

As you know I purchased a home from your company about one year ago, and I am absolutely delighted with the quality of my new home and with the fantastic service that I have received. All of your staff are extremely helpful, conscientious, affable, skilled, and have presented me with the most comfortable home that I have ever had. I feel very fortunate indeed to have Pacesetter as my manufactured home provider. Thank you so very, very much.

Best regards,

Dr. Stephen Adelstein

Professor Emeritus

The Mannes Collage, NY., N.Y.

Pat Nelson Yuma, Arizona

I am remiss in not writing this note to you sooner, but I guess you can call this a “Seasoned Testimony.”

I have been in my house just over two years. As you know I picked my house from a set of plans and made a couple of changes. It turned out beautifully.

A Big Thank You to Rudy the Pacesetter Team who did the final servicing work. A good, polite and efficient bunch of guys.

Would I buy from or recommend Pacesetter? – You Bet I would.


Pat Nelson

Terry Wagner & Janet Lunsford Yuma, Arizona

We recently purchased a Pacesetter Home and it was handled by Doreen Caldwell. She was such a great help to us. She handled everything from the time we signed the contract until way after the home was installed. She took us to the factory worked with us on all the extras, brought donuts to the setting of the home so people could watch as our new home was installed and is still in contact with us . We are completely satisfied with everything. A Great, Great Job. We will recommend her to anyone interested in a new Pacesetter Home.


Terry Wagner & Janet Lunsford

Jim & Joyce Kuenkel Yuma, Arizona

We purchased a home from Pacesetter in early 2009 working with Doreen Caldwell. Even before we signed final paperwork, she made numerous modifications from a three bedroom home to accommodate our specifications to make it a two bedroom home (a master bedroom with a large walk-in closet and an office).

To give us a feel for the home, she arranged for us to visit a previous customer with a similar home.

The service and attention to details were both professional and well taken care of.

Doreen continues to contact us periodically to be sure we have no problems or service complaints.

our appreciation and thanks to Doreen and the staff at Pacesetter Homes.


Jim & Joyce Kuenkel

Kord Johnson – Student ,

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

I want to thank you for your generous Pacesetter Home Center Scholarship. I am not very good at expressing my feelings in words, but I am very grateful for this scholarship. I am a student currently living off student loans and the little money I make from working. My parents can’t afford to pay for my college so I depend mostly on student loans and scholarships. This scholarship money means that I can work less and have a lot less to pay off for student loans, which is very appealing to me since it will give me more time to concentrate on school and becoming a nurse. Becoming a nurse and helping people is my ultimate goal and with the help you provided it is that much easier for me to achieve it. Again, I want to thank you for your gracious donation and for you to know that it is truly helping me and I am very thankful.

Thank you again,

Kord Johnson

Esther Ossai Novato, Carlifornia

When am ready for my home i will inform you. Thanks for your message.

Jim & Betty Owen Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes

This is letter of appreciation for all the fine work you did in my house. We really appreciated your patience and spirit of cooperation that you extended to us during this process. Best of luck to you in the future.


Jim & Betty Owens

Bill McClarty & Jane Cross Yuma, AZ

Dear Doreen,

Here we are just finishing our first winter in our new home. Thank you so much making it a reality. We realize that you went beyond the expected level of service in many ways. Your knowledge, ideas, advice practical help, positive outlook and enormous patience all helped make overall experience a positive one. And we are enjoying living in our lovely Pacesetter home.

Thank you Bill & Jane

Bill McClarty & Jane Cross Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Last November we brought our new home from Pacesetter and had Doreen Caldwell as our sales representative. We appreciate the long hous she spent assisting us in choosing a plan and modifying it to suit our lifestyle. After the installation of the house she was still there ready to help us in anyway necessary. We feel you are very fortunate to have a salesperson of her calibre working for you. We would strongly recommend her to future customers.

Yours Truly

Bill McClarty & Jane Cross

Dale & Dee Sprain Yuma, AZ

Dear Editor:

I always mean to write letters but never do, to complain or praise people and/or companies for either the good or bad that has happened. I compose them in my mind procrastinating until it’s to late, then I let it go and forget about it.

We looked at every manufactured home available in the area and finally narrowed it down to a home from Pacesetter Homes but we still wanted to talk to other Pacesetter owners as well as to go to the factory before our final decision.

We have never had such truly great service from any company ever! Not only from our salesman knowing from past experience, as well as all the aforementioned complainers, that they’ll promise you anything and everything until you’re stuck with it, but from the whole staff(Ivan, Sean, and Monica just to name a few) from top to bottom. They are friendly, pleasant and helpful and truthful. They don’t just promise, they follow through. They just don’t set appointments and either cancel or don’t show up. They are there and they are on time. In fact at times it seems like they are there almost before you hang up the phone. And I’m talking about after you have paid for, and taken delivery of, the home. As a matter of interest we have now had our home over a year. They have their own service crew right here in Yuma so they don’t have to wait until the factory sends someone down from wherever.

We just want to publicly thank Pacesetter’s for a job well done. They have gone way above and beyond anything we ever expected and/or experienced. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to be so totally satisfied with a new home.


Dee Sprain

Ronald C. & Darlene M.Johnson Yuma, AZ

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you because of the way were treated in our recent purchase from your firm. The entire process of acquiring a new home was done in a very professional and inclusive manner.

Because we saw the home our friends had installed on their property and inspected the details quite thoroughly, we were convinced that it was the type of home we could enjoy. We contacted Jorge Cuellar for information. He was very knowledgeable of the product and the process of construction.

We later took a tour of the Schult manufacturing plant in Buckeye, AZ and were pleasantly impressed with the construction. Mark and Suzie were very helpful in explaining details of our tour. Since Ron has been in construction most of his career, he was most interested in the process of the construction. His comment was, “I doubt I could build this any better” and it would take longer and be more complicated.

It was amazing: We signed the order for our Pacesetter Home on September 13th and we were handed the keys on November 1st.

The people at Pacesetter know how to put the whole package together, including financial, getting permits, handling the ground preparation and final finishing touches such as a awnings.

The only thing we had to do was decide on any changes, chose the color scheme, order furniture and intimately decide what goes in which cabinet!! WE ARE HOME!

Thank you, Pacesetter, for a job well done.


Ronald & Darlene Johnson

Budd & Evelyn Stapley Yuma, AZ

Dear Terry & Mike

How can we say thank you for the tremendous effort that was put forth by Pacesetter Homes to get us into our home in record time.

The ordering process went very smoothly. All of our questions were answered and we walked out with a copy of our order in our hand.

Monica and Vanessa in the office are very efficient and thorough just great to work with. The hands on crew that got our home ready for occupancy are exceptional. Ivan, Randy and Sean really put forth extra effort for us.

As you know this is our second purchase from Pacesetter. We are very satisfied with the service with our first home. We expected the best from Pacesetter and we were not disappointed.

Thanks again,

Budd and Evelyn Stapley

Henry and Sue Veilleux Yuma, Az

We would like to take this opportunity to thank your team at Pacesetter Homes

In 2007 we were allowed to have Manufactured Home in our Resort. That was when we looked up manufactured home centers. Pacesetter was one of the four places we went to. We found the house we wanted and the people we wanted to deal with.

We had to make many changes outside and inside to be within the Resort and the City regulations.

Pacesetter’s new home came with some work required, but we found our Pacesetter Home had only minor repairs and that the staff looked after all repairs quickly and efficiently. We know some folks that bought a Manufactured Home from another dealer and the after the sale the service or lack of it was not to satisfaction.

We highly recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone who is in the market for a new home. We are very pleased with our new home and the services provided to us.

Friends visiting our home were so impressed with the quality product and the timely placing of the home after the purchase that they decided to buy from Pacesetter Homes. This is what happens when you have satisfied customers and quality homes and crews to put them in place on time.


Henry and Sue Veilleux

Yuma Az

Reid & Nancy Willey Yuma, AZ

This Letter is to express our appreciation to Rudy Molina and all of the staff at Pacesetter Homes. During a visit to Yuma early this year we had stopped at Pacesetter and picked up a brochure on one of the model homes from Rudy. During that trip we also spotted property we liked. We went back to our home in Montana and after a short time we made the decision to purchase the Yuma property. We then decided to sell the Montana home and property which sold within days of listing.

We made a call to Rudy and the entire process of purchasing the new including ordering, construction and set up was done by phone. Rudy and all of the staff that pulled together for us really earned our trust with their honesty and integrity, a job well done.

Thank you

Reid & Nancy Willey

Charles & Else Rodrigues Yuma, AZ

Dear Doreen

Else and I would like to express the promptness and excellent job the repairman did. Please give our utmost thanks and appreciation to both Randy and Ivan for their attention to this matter. It is action such as this that we are proud to be owner of a Pacesetter Home.


Charles & Else Rodrigues

Stan & Genny Johnson Yuma, AZ

Dear George,

I want to take a moment to thank you and Pacesetter for the help you all gave when we purchased our home from Pacesetter. The whole process went very smoothly, for our initial selection of floor plan, through extensive modification, site delivery and finally the finish out. There were no hidden surprises. The whole procedure went very smoothly and on time.

We are very happy with our new home. Its fits our needs very well. Thank you George and Pacesetter.

Stan and Genny Johnson

Donna & Dick Helm Yuma, AZ

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I recently purchased a Marlette Home from Pacesetter Home Center.

We approached the transaction with some skepticism. We had been told that the entire process would take approximately six weeks from the beginning to move-in. Yeah right we thought.

However, I am very happy to say we were wrong. The staff was most accommodating throughout the process and all timetables promised were kept. The quality exceeded our expectations and the repairs were done on time and with excellent workmanship. The two major players in the assembly and finishing were Ivan, the foreman and Saul the finisher. Both were prompt and attentive to our wishes and needs.

We can honestly say that we would recommend Pacesetter Homes without qualification and would very definitely purchase from them again if the need arose.


Donna & Dick Helm

Meagan Gee Sierra Vista, AZ

I purchased a Pacesetter home on the heels of a tragic loss in our family last spring. Mike and Carol Elg were so kind and concerned about my family’s needs. They worked within my budget, dilligently ensuring that I got the best possible quality for my money in all my personal home selections. They worked under a tight timetable that had my family housed as quickly as possible. They were helpful and patient with all my questions and reliable with handling all the necessary paperwork, freeing me from undue stress in an extraordinarily difficult time. Our home is comfortable and sturdy and beautiful. Any small issues with details have been handled quickly and skillfully by their staff. We get compliments from most of those who cross our threshold. Carol’s decorating skills on her model homes on the lot even gave me ideas for my interior! And Mike and Carol referred me to skilled, honest local contractors for preparing my land for occupancy and landscaping the exterior of my home. I have ongoing relationships with the contractors for continued improvements to my property. Mike and Carol steered me in the right direction for each job/need, and they proved their integrity and professionalism with their faithful follow-up care. This is the third home I have purchased, and the experience with Pacesetter Homes has been by far my best home-buying experience.

Carolynn and Kelly Mangum Yuma, AZ

To The Folks At Pacesetter,

It all started when we took three weeks to drive to southern Baja to see the eclipse of the sun. The trip was so much fun we decided to go again, but on the second trip we stopped to visit east coast friends who wintered in the foothills. The first was to look at Yuma as a place to retire. That was when we looked up manufactured home centers in the phone book. Pacesetter was the second place we went to and we didn’t go to any others. We found the house we wanted and the people we wanted to deal with. Juan Estrada gave us the information we needed.

We went home to plan our long-distance BIG MOVE. Then after a while we were back in Yuma signing a contract contingent on the sale of our house. We worked with Juan again and he was extremely helpful and calm in the midst of our confusion.

Again, we went home to continue packing and put the house up for sale. Finally the house sold and we were on our way.

After we moved in, Glen was the man who helped with all the internal details. If something need fixing he was the person with the expertise. Juan continued to contact us. He would stop by to ask how everything was. He genuinely cared about us.

Now we are very happy with our new home in the desert. We don not miss snow or raking leaves. And Juan Estrada is our first friend in Yuma.


Carolynn and Kelly Mangum

John & Marge Schwind Yuma, AZ

Dear Rudy,

A long overdue letter to thank you and your staff for the outstanding pre-sale and post-sale support you provided us. It far exceeded the after sale support we received for the new, far more expensive, “Custom Home” we recently built in Indiana.

From our first meeting the assistance we received selecting a home that would meet our needs, it was apparent you cared about helping us make a good decision.

The delivery and installation people were competent and accommodating. A special “Thank You” to Saul Orona, who oversaw the initial set-up, insured everything was functioning properly and did everything he could to insure we were completely satisfied. The staff all seemed well trained, enjoyed what they doing, and sincerely wanted us to be happy with their work. The lady who did the final cleaning did a far better job than the crew who cleaned our “Custom Home”. Saul stressed the importance your company places on doing a good job and developing a continuing relationship with its customer.

We can certainly recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone who is looking for a quality product and outstanding continuing support after this sale. If you have a prospect that is not sure, tell them to call us.


John & Marge Schwind

Ernest Stair Yuma, AZ

Dear Steve,

Just a short note to you and your associates let you know how pleased we are with our new double-wide Pacesetter home! We were impressed with the timely and friendly communications from you and the office staff, and with the timely construction and the set up of the house itself.

We were especially impressed with Saul’s workmanship and pleasant manner. He is indeed a very professional employee.

We will advise our friends to purchase your products whenever we get the chance, and with this letter you have our permission to photograph our new “digs”

Gene & Sue Baskins Yuma, AZ

Dear Danny,

We had heard the following comments about Pacesetter Home Center from people who had purchased homes and also business’s in Yuma had said they are very good to work with.

1.Quality Built homes

2.Stand behind their Homes

3.Service and repair people are located in Yuma

Doreen Caldwell, our sales person, made this a great experience for us through the process of building our home. Doreen’s guidance was so professional, her knowledge and interest in making this home the quality that we would be very proud of. We compared other manufactures of homes similar in design and square footage. They were not really interested in helping us or wanting to sell us a home. We are so glad and thankful that Doreen made this a wonderful experience.

A lot of people had told us we would be making a real mistake by not being here for the site prep and install of the home. Doreen took a special interest in making a CD of pictures showing site prep and install, which we appreciate so much. The quality of the home is what we expected and even more. We just love it.


Gene & Sue Baskins

Charlie & Mary Nance Yuma, AZ

Dear Danny:

Although several years have passed since we purchased our home through Pacesetter’s we have been very pleased with our purchase and the guidance we received in choosing our options.

We found Pacesetter’s to have the highest business ethics and they went above and beyond the “normal” to be sure we were well pleased with our finished home, and we most certainly are.

Charles & Mary Nance

Gordon and Leila Kaiser Yuma, AZ

Greetings Doreen!

I felt it appropriate to advise you of our Pacesetter Home we purchased from you.

Its been awhile since we moved in and have found the home virtually free of any major construction flaws. We have also appreciated the scheduled follow through visits to be sure all is functioning properly.

Your product and service has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the joy and happiness we are having in our new home experience.

Gordon and Leila Kaiser

Jack L. & Lynda Weaver Yuma, AZ

We love our home we bought from Terry at Pacesetter Homes. They were very accommodating and let us make all the changes that we wanted. We plan on staying in our new home for many years, and if we should decide to move and buy again, we would buy from Pacesetter Homes.


Jack L. & Lynda Weaver

Stan & Genny Johnson Yuma, AZ

Dear George,

I want to take this opportunity to thank your for help in the purchase of our new home through Pacesetter. It was an enjoyable experience all the way through. We are completely happy with the result. I would be glad to refer any of our friends to Pacesetter and to George Cuellar. It was good teamwork all the way through.

Stan and Genny Johnson

Marilyn Dorn Yuma, AZ

Dear Terry, Randy, & Ivan

Thank you for doing a great job on my place I am very pleased with the service. I would highly recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone looking to buy a home.

Thank you,

Marilyn Dorn

Bob & Carolyn Streeter Yuma, AZ

Dear Mike

We purchased a double wide schult manufactured home about 5 years ago. You and your personel continue to care for our customers! Last year we installed a cloths dryer and you sent one of your employees to install a dryer vent to the outside free of charge.

Friends and Family visiting our home were so impressed with the quality product and the timely placing of the home after the purchase, that the decided to buy from Pacesetter Homes. This is what happens when you have saisfied customers and quality homes and crews to put them in place on time.

Your Friends,

Bob & Carolyn Streeter

Leo & Daun Klotz Yuma, AZ

Dear Danny,

We are very pleased with Pacesetter Homes from my husband Leo’s first visit to your sales offices to the later requests for help on our various needs after the house was set up for us.

We would recommend Pacesetter Home Center to anyone looking for a new home, with assurance of a good sales staff and customer service after the sale. We are very pleased with our new home and the services provided to us.


Leo & Daun Klotz

Bill Beckes Yuma, AZ

Dear Terry,

It been almost 9 years we purchased our Pacesetter home and we have been so thankful since than. We just enjoy our place. Drop by anytime, bring your customer if you wish.


Bill Beckes

Roy & Ann Bush Yuma, AZ

To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased a home from Pacesetter Homes and moved into our home in February 2007. We have been very happy with this home. The home has been a good investment. We appreciated the help we received from Rudy in purchasing this home.

We also appreciated the good service provided by Pacesetter Homes and our service team Sean, Ivan, and Randy. They were very good about fixing any little or big things that required attention. This service has lasted through the year and even after the year expired. If nothing else, the service departments as well as Rudy, were able to provide names and companies that would complete any job. This was very helpful as we were not familiar with the area or the companies and their reputations.

Pacesetter Homes was chosen by us a buyer of a manufactured home for the following reasons: the model design and the quality of the building materials, the friendliness of the staff, the polite tone of the receptionists, the cleanness of the offices, the various models displayed, and the knowledge of the staff when looking at the models. They also kept their promise to clean the house before we moved in. We highly recommend this company to anyone interested in purchasing a manufactured home.


Roy H. & Ann S Bush

John & Trish Sargent Tucson, AZ

We have been in our Pacesetter house almost 3 years. Almost every week we think how satisfied we are with our home and the way we were treated. Professional and knowledgeable sales from Carol and Mike,and the flexibility of the factory to modify our house to make it work better for us made the entire buying and installation process easier. Comparing our house to other stick built and manufactured homes our Pacesetter home has clear advantages and value, not the least being truly cost effective for the price we paid.

A true measure of a quality organization is whether problems are addressed in a professional manner as quickly as possible. Everyone went the extra mile, and stood by there promises of quality and service, especially after the install, which most companies just don’t do any more. Our overall experience was refreshing. We recommend Carol and Mike Elg, and Pacesetter without reservation.

John & Trish Sargent

Charles & Rhea Myers Tacna, AZ

To All the Staff at Pacesetter:

We purchased a home 2 years ago from Pacesetters and have been completely satisfied from the very minute we walked into the office to the day we moved into our home and ever since!

Thank you to all the crews from the pit crew to the final inspection. It all went smoothly and on time. All crew members were very friendly, had good attitudes, good workmanship and always showed a desire to please the customer. You can tell they all knew they were working for a good company.

Your staff was always willing to be as helpful as possible to accommodate our wishes. They was always helpful and never “pushy” which we really appreciated.

We are completely satisfied with the quality workmanship of our home and the entire process with Pacesetter and feel we have made some new friends in Yuma!

We have recommended Pacesetter to two other families who have also purchased homes after seeing our home.


Charles & Rhea Myers

Douglas & Gloria Davis Quartzsite, Arizona

To Whom It May Concern:

As you know in January 2007 we purchased a new home from you. We want you to know that is is a very comfortable and very efficiency home. But most of all, the service man (GLEN)was great, very caring and took good care of us on every detail no mater how small. I can say this much we know some folks that bought a Schult home from a another dealer, there after the sale thier was no service after that. And as for our salesman Jorge Cuellar he was tops…. Thanks Pacesetter for your caring service.


Douglas& Gloria Davis

Marie Lokken Yuma, AZ

Dear Terry,

We moved into our Pacesetter Homes in October of 2003. As you probably remember, my husband had approached you in a parking lot because of the sign on the door of your vehicle. That was a fortunate day for us.

I really like the plan of our house. Its fits my needs well. Since my husband passed away in January, I

am living alone, but there is room when relatives come to visit.

The house is economical to live in. It is well sealed and insulated, and the electric powered heat pump is very efficient, making it inexpensive to heat and cool. My electric bill is surprising low.

My husband appreciated your response to the couple of small items that needed attention after we moved in. You an your men were very helpful in putting things right. Thank you for your excellent service and quality product.


M.Marie Lokken

Ms. Marilyn Dorn Yuma, Arizona

Dear Terry,

I’ve now lived in my Pacesetter Home for just a little over one year and I want to take a few minutes to tell you how much I’m

enjoying my home and discuss some of the nice things you and your staff have offered to me.

As I said its been a little over a year since I purchased my home from you and in that time span I feel like you’ve treated me like family- At least that’s how your actions have affected me. From the very beginning of the sale/purchase procedure your friendly mannerisms and professionalism have impressed me, made me feel comfortable and confident that I been doing the right thing.

There are many things that have impressed me with the treatment at Pacesetter. If any thing had to be worked on your people were always there for me and in short notice. That type of service is invaluable and I have passed my good feelings about you and your staff to several of my friends.

There are a couple of people on your staff that have really impressed me- they are Ivan Sursky, Sean Lawrence, and Randy Farkas. These individuals have gone the extra mile for me. I’m just happy chosen Pacesetter as the company I purchased my home and that Pacesetter had the good sense to have a person like you on their staff.

Thanks again for all the help and extra support that you’ve given to me any my new home.


Marilyn Dorn

Melvin & Patricia Tynan Yuma, AZ

Dear Rudy,

When you purchase a home from Pacesetters you get much more than you bargained for. Purchasing and making the necessary decisions are just the beginning. You find out, as you are bringing your dream to reality, that Pacesetters is a family affair.

The first step, after speaking with the sales person, and making the decision to buy, you realize that there is so much more that takes place with in this company. The installation was well planned and executed. It was a positive event for us. Proper preparation from the outside people as well as the finish work done on the inside is all done professional manner. Our detail person Sean did a terrific job.

We highly recommend the Pacesetter family. We are very pleased with the quality of their product. We also feel like we have made some new friend along the way. Thanks Pacesetter for a job well done.

Warm Regards,

Melvin and Patricia Tynan

Robert and Nancy Manewal Yuma, Arizona

Pacesetter Homes

We are well satisfied with our Pacesetter Home. The sales[with George Cuellar]was well handled. He was excellent in the sale of home to us. The staff handled all our service problems fast.We appreciate the way Sean our service man that done the work at our place. Good Job

Art & Betty Piper Elfrida , Arizona

Dear Mike & Carol Elg,

Its is hard to believe that Betty & I have been living in our new home from Pacesetter for over 3 years. The experience has been a joy and we still get praises and accolades on purchasing such a fine home. Most folks cannot believe that it is a manufacturing home when they see the inside.

We had nothing but great service from you and the company representatives, with minor repairs completed in a reasonable time. Therefore, Betty & I are happy to add this letter to your growing pile of satisfied customers. Thanks Mike & Carol.


Art & Betty

P.S. Feel free to call if you would like to send folks over to see our set up, as we are very happy here and it is a big help to see what a home looks like after it is lived in, rather than in a photo.

Richard Nichols Yuma, AZ

Dear Juan Estrada and Terry Jensen:

Although this testimonial is a bit late, I purchased a Pacesetter Home approximately six years ago from you. Like all new homes there were a few problems that needed attending to, and since a home is a large investment these things can be frustrating. However everything was satisfactory in the end. Juan Estrada was an exceptionally kind and cooperative sales person, and he was always fair and honest. The team who did the set up, went out of their way to do a good job. Ivan Sursky and especially Sean Lawrence were good emissarys of the organization. They were very helpful and cooperative, and Sean Lawrence attended to a number of details that helped make the set up of the home complete. He did an outstanding job of representing service during set up, and even helped with ensuring all was ship shape. He exibited great customer service skills, and ensured the home was satisfactorily set up for turn over. I have lived in the home now for almost six years, and it has performed extremely well. The home had substantial customization, almost $30k in customer features and upgrades, making it one of the nicest homes I have ever lived in – manufactured or stick built. In the end the home and its high quality has been very good, and the experience overall was more than satisfactory. Terry Jensen worked hard to make things right, and we have continued a good working relationship ever since. Although I have not needed much support beyond the sale, I do not hesitate to recommend them. Plese see Juan Estrada, he is an excellent sales person and he will treat you fairly and with high intergrity. I have had plenty of time to think about my experience over the years, and although things do not always go as planned, Pacesetter went out of their way to make things right, and to make this a rewarding experience in the end. I give them high marks, as a local retailer, and they are concidered the best Manufactured Home Retailer in the Yuma area.

Karen Rusk Knight Yuma, AZ

Dear Danny Bryant

Several years ago when my husband, Fred, and I were returning to San Diego after spending a few days at the Imperial Valley Fishing and Hunting Club, we stopped by Pacesetter Homes and inspected the model homes. We went with one of your sales agents, Rudy Molina, who answered our questions and we went our way.

One of the things that impressed us both was that Rudy didn’t know if we were ever gong to purchase a home from Pacesetter, but he always made time for us and answered our many questions.

Our home was delivered on time and in quality condition.

Having worked in the residential building industry in Southern California for nearly 30 years serving in the capacity of Customer Service Coordinator and as Warranty Service Manager, it was very important to me that I receive the same level of warranty service that my staff and I provided to thousands of homeowners throughout the years.

Saul Orona has been our Warranty Service Representative since our move in and to say that he is truly the best.

We are very happy with our purchase, the quality of our home, and the excellent service provided by your entire staff including Randy, Jose, and Saul.


Karen Rusk Knight

Jerry & Sharon Frisinger Welton, AZ

Michael Bryant

A big thanks to all the Pacesetter folks that my wife & I dealt with from start to finish on our new home, they were a good bunch of guys to be around, Thanks to Rudy, Glenn, Ivan, Jose, Jesus, & Randy.

I would like to express my appreciation for your sales person, Rudy Molina, he did an excellent job with us on the purchase of our new home, also he was very patient with us while we were trying to sell our home in Oregon for the last two years.

I would like to thank you for assigning such an experienced technician as Glenn Garman to perform the PDR on our new home. He is a very professional person & his workmanship is the best there is.

Thank You

Jerry & Sharon Frisinger

Coyote Wash

Gerald Benson Yuma, AZ

Dear Sir;

We purchased a Pacesetter home from your company in 2006. Our first contact was very helpful in going over the different options and pricing and followed up with the progress for us to move in.

My next contact was Ivan Sursky he did an excellent job. Also James Schilling who was assigned to be our repair person. He did an excellent job also.

I was so glad to see Randy Farkas take over the scheduling, as he is doing an excellent job, and willing to have everything done on time.

Sincerely Yours

Gerald & Ellen Benson

William & Audrey Baker Yuma, Arizona

Dear Michael E.Bryant

This letter is in reference to one of your outstanding sales associates,Doreen Caldwell.

Mrs Caldwell assisted us in the selection of our home and had lot of wonderful suggestions and ideas about how we could improve the livability. She also took time to help us through the paper work process without stress or pressure.

She monitored the set-up and installation of the home and sent us pictures.

She is certainly a great asset to Pacesetter’s and her profession. We would highly recommend her and Pacesetters to our friends and any other future homebuyer.

Yours truly

William & Audrey Baker

Palmer & Beverly Gedde Yuma, AZ

To:The Staff at Pacesetter Homes

I want to begin this letter by thanking you for the outstanding manner in which you worked with us from the beginning to end in the purchasing of new Pacesetters home.

First, there was Doreen who was an absolute joy and delight in the entire process. The manner in which she handled all the details was amazing.

Second, there was Ivan who was one singular concern. “Make them happy.” And he did.

Third, there was that absolutely outstanding service person named Glen who, as far as we concerned, went way beyond the call of duty in making certain everything was just so.

Finally, the staff who scheduled everything in such an amiable and workable fashion that it, ended up being an extremely pleasant experience from beginning to end.

The product is excellent and the service is outstanding. Thank you from both of us.


Palmer and Beverly Gedde

Mike & EvYonne Michael Quartzsite, , AZ

Hi Jorge,

Thank you so very much for your professional attitude and sincerity shown us on our purchase of our SECOND HOME FROM PACESETTERS.

We appreciate the efforts Pacesetters has made and we are very satisfied with our new home.

Thank you for your upbeat friendly attitude. We have given your “SPECIAL NAME CARDS” to several of our friends, YOU THE MAN, Jorge!

Most Sincerely,

EvYonne and Mike Michael

Charles & Rhea Myers Tacna, AZ

To whom it may concern:

From the moment we walked in the sales office and we were greeted by the Receptionist to the day we moved in we were treated very well. Our salesman was especially helpful.

Randy and Ivan and all their crews were just great. We thought that Pacesetter must have the best crew in the business.

We want to single out Saul for special kudos’ He was always so enthusiastic about everything that he did. He had the best attitude about his job than anyone we have known in a long time. It was a pleasure to have business with all the Pacesetter Homes people involved in the process of the purchase of our very nice, comfortable, well built home that we have received so many compliments.


Charles & Rhea Myers

Tacna, Arizona

Ken & Dot Jones Yuma, Arizona

Dear Doreen,

Dot and I would like to thank you for all your help in getting our new home built. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you again, for all that you have done for us! We love our new home!


Ken & Dot Jones

Gary & Rose Kannigiesser Yuma, Arizona

To the Owners & Staff Pacesetter Homes

Thank you so much for the Home Depot gift certificate, we purchased a new gas grill which we have nicknamed our Pacesetter BBQ.

Doreen, we will certainly give you a call for a new home.

Best Wishes,

Gary & Rose Kannigiesser

Terry & Kris Miller Yuma, AZ

We wanted to let you know how we appreciate the quality of service we received from your company, both from the sales area and the service repair area. The sales staff was very knowledgeable and helpful when we chose our home. We love our home. We would not hesitate to recommend that every one purchase their home from your company.


Terry & Kris Miller

Art & Betty Piper Huachuca, Arizona

Since we are getting close to our year in our home Don called to see if anything needed repair. I could find nothing. I guess you can say that we are happy campers in our home from Pacesetter. Carol and Mike Elg both have made it a pleasant experience..

Art & Betty Piper

Elizabeth Homuller Yuma, Arizona

We are very happy with our home and very happy with the service we received from Saul, he is a hard working young man and did everything we asked of him. We are happy with Pacesetter and we were treated great.

Shirley & Bob Stahl Yuma, Arizona

Again we want to thank you for the professional and caring attitude you display during our recent visit to your center. We feel more ready to buy a new home now.


Shirley and Bob Stahl

Jon T. Flint Yuma, Arizona

Sylvia and I are writing to you to formally thank you and your company for all their exceptional work in helping us through the purchase of our new Pacesetter Home. Your personal attention and the quality of the homes combined with just the right floor plan allowed us to make the decision to purchase from Pacesetter. Since occupying our home, we have found that the service Pacesetter Homes has made has been most effective. Thanks for all your hard work Juan.

Jon T. Flint

Bob & Anne Gutridge Yuma, Arizona

We want to thank you for the nice time we spent at Pacesetters Homes Tuesday evening. We are comfortable in our new Pacesetter home. Our salesperson Doreen, was very helpful and provided good customer service. Thank you again. We will continue to recommend Pacesetter when the opportunity arises.


Bob & Anne Gutridge

Jim & Carolyn Lattin Yuma,, Arizona

We would like to thank you for all your help and involvement in realizing our dream home. From start to finish, it was an extremely pleasant experience. Your knowledge in the field of manufactured homes was evident in every phase of the process, from order to delivery. The dates you quoted us for delivery were always on time or early. Your team was fantastic with people like Ivan and Patricia. Their desire to get the job done right was very important to us. Your desire for total customer satisfaction was always very important to you. You were always there with answers to our questions in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time with us. We love our new home and look forward to inviting our friends to “Go See George” at Pacesetter. Thank you again for everything.

John DeBernardeaux Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you for your promptness in the matter of coming to fix my stove top and the few other problems I had. Sean was very professional and answered all questions I had. I am very grateful and would recommend you company to many friends.

Thank You,

John DeBernardeaux

Ethel Hinkle Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

I am very happy with the services provided to me so far. Thank you for all you have done.


Ethel Hinkle

Jesus Aviles Wellton, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

I am writing this letter to you to let you know that I am very pleased with the service I have received from Pacesetter Homes Service Department. My service has always been taken care in a timely manner. Thank you for all you have done.


Jesus Aviles

George Corkle Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

I am very satisfied with the work and sevices that Pacesetter Homes has provided to us. It amazes me the way your company personel work together to get things done.I can gladly say I have done business with your company and will continue to to so in the future.


George Corkle

Mical Jetter Huachuca City, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

I wanted you to know how much I truly adore my new home! Mike and Carol went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that I became the homeowner I proudly call myself today. I’m thrilled with the quality of my beautiful home and am absolutely delighted at how drastically all the standard energy saving features have cut my utility bills.

I will be forever grateful to Mike and Carol for all their time, energy, and effort in making my home-owning bream come true.


Mical Jetter of

Huachuca City, AZ

Virginia Varela & Family Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

Muchisimas gracias por tu ayuda y sobre todo por tu empeno y tolerancia. Estamos muy contentos y muy agusto con la compra de la casa. Espero seguir asi.


Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you very much for your help and your tolerance. We are very happy & comfortable with the purchase of our new home, & expect to keep it that way.

Thank you,

Virginia Varela & family

Warren & Donna Munn Sierra Vista, AZ

When my wife and I had the pleasure of relocating to Sierra Vista, AZ we were looking for a dealership that had land/home package. Passing through Huachuca City, we noticed Pacesetter Homes. When we first met Mike & Carol Elg it was like we had known them all our lives. Mike and Carol were very helpful and informative. It was almost if they said “You pick out your home and leave the rest to us.” They corrdinated everything from the financing we had chosen to the site preparation. Since we met Mike and Carol they have been nothing short of excellent with their dealing with us. Thet knew what we could do and what we could not do. They continually exhibited an attitude of helpfulness and friendliness that is seldom seen in the business world today. It has truly been a pleasure to know them and to work woth them and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how important a part of your organization they are.


Warren & Donna Munn

Pat & Donna George Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes:

Our Church building is wonderful; Thank you so much for helping us get it.

God Bless You

Pat & Donna George

Frank & Kathryn Fredrick Yuma, AZ

Dear George and Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you so much for all you did to make getting our new home easier. We really appreciate you. Thank you also for the flowers. They were lovely. You are a special blessing.


Frank & Kathryn Fredrick

Hank & Nancy Hayes Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Thanks for all you have done in setting up the home for Charley and Marla. We really appreciate the extra care and you have accomplished, making it as smooth as possible. “Your kindness meant more than you’d ever guess. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Thanks Again,

Hank & Nancy Hays

Hank & Diana Sirrine Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Having heard of many horror stories of manufactured homes and poor follow-up sevice we were reluctant to purchase one. We finally purchased our home from Pacesetter Homes, a locally owned and operated company.

It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with Pacesetter Homes. Their expertise and quality service are unsurpassed.

We have had our home for a while and we still feel the same today as we did when we purchased it.

Thanks to Everyone at Pacesetter Homes,

Hank and Diana Sirrine

Howard Shelton Yuma , AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

We were at one of your competitors just down the road with cash in hand to purchase a new home and we were totally ignored. So we drove down to Pacesetter and now we are very happy the other guy ignored us!

Upon arriving at Pacesetter I knew that we would purchase a new home from Ruth as soon as we met her. She was very friendly and seemed like a very honest person. This proved to be true after the purchase. We lived out of state and we could not be here during the installation, we were very dependent on Ruth and the Pacesetter Staff. The purchase was completed very smoothly with thanks to Mary and Terry along with the rest of your staff. Our home was delivered to our site before we thought it would be, and was ready for us to move into in a short time. The team at Pacesetter took care of everything as we wanted and kept us aware of what was happening. Service after sales is very important to me and so far Pacesetter has proven to stand behind their product and they are concerned that we are happy with our purchase. I would recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone that is in the market for a new home.

Thank you,

Howard Shelton

Julie Frist Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

As a first time homebuyer I was very pleased by the level of service offered to me by Pacesetter Homes. My salesman was very friendly and patient with me when it came time to making decisions and choosing the options for my home. The service did not stop when the home was placed on order. It continued when the delivery technicians were setting up the home. Even the neighbors had noticed the level of work and good attitudes present on the job. Everyone from the person who answers the phone to the technician who came out to make the repairs has been friendly and professional in their job. I believe I made the right decision in choosing Pacesetter Homes for my home choice.


Julie Frist

Budd & Evelyn Stapley Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you so much for the beautiful garden bouquet. The blooms lasted for over a week and we really enjoyed them. The flowers reminded us how lucky we were to have chosen Pacesetter Homes. You have made purchasing a mobile home a very pleasant experience and we thank you.


Budd & Evelyn Stapley

Jack & Arlene Thorton Yuma , AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you to all of you who helped in the purchase of our home. You can be assured that we will never hesitate to recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone who might be interested in a new home. We have already given out some cards recommending your company.


Jack & Arlene Thorton

Bill & Kathy Woodman Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Staff,

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter. We have been in our home two seasons now and are happy as the day it arrived on our property.

We did a fair amount of comparison- shopping before selecting our Schult home from Pacesetter. We are convinced it was the best construction and value for our money spent. The staff at Pacesetter Homes handled all details and permits required. Many thanks to the entire staff at Pacesetter.


Bill & Kathy Woodman

Alice Wagner Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

When we were looking for a home to buy in Yuma, friends recommended Pacesetter Homes. We were very impressed with the quality and features that all the homes offered. It has been three years since we purchased our Pacesetter home, and we love it!!!


Alice Wagner

Don & Audrey Kelly Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Staff,

Audrey and I are so pleased with our Pacesetter Home, which we are now wintering in, that we just felt compelled to write and express our feelings and thanks.

The set up on our lot was super. When we returned from Canada we ordered our home from Pacesetter. It was the best value all around (very few extras to pay for). In the end it was by far the best value for the money. Competitors had extra’s cost for shingles, dry wall, extra this and extra that, but not Pacesetter. In the end competitors couldn’t come close to a Pacesetter home per square foot. Thank you once again.

We remain ever grateful

Don & Audrey Kelly

Patricia Quint Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Thank you for the fine home we now have. Our appreciation goes to your entire organization; sales, site preparatations, set-up, furnishings and maintenance. The excitement of purchase, set-up and move-in is a satisfied feeling. We appreciate all your help and effort you put into our home.


Patricia Quint

Olland & Lynn Ballard Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Team,

We purchased our Pacesetter home 1 year ago; we are just as happy today as when we bought it. The staff handled all the details for us and the construction is superior.

Pacesetter always made us feel like they were concerned about us and they made home buying a pleasure.

We would highly recommend Pacesetter Home Centers to anyone interested in purchasing a manufactured home.


Ollard & Lynn Ballard

Cliff & Judy Wade Yuma , AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to you and your company. We are completely delighted with the organization, starting with you sitting down with us and explaining everything we needed to know about purchasing a Manufactured Home to the final touches.

We would recommend Pacesetter Homes as well as your sales representative George to anyone looking to purchase a Home.

With our kindest regards,

Cliff & Judy Wade

Thomas and Fransica Starnes Yuma, Arizona

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Please accept out sincere gratitude to you on the recent purchase of our new home. You made this decision not only easy but a pleasure. You demonstrated excellent customer service skills and patience with us.

We are enjoying our new home every day.

Again, thank you for all of your professionalism and dedication to outstanding service.


Thomas and Fransica Starnes

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Binney Yuma, AZ

To the management and staff of the Pacesetter Company:

Donald and I would like to express our appreciation of your excellent services. We never believed that a home of our own was possible.

All through the process for getting the house, you always let us know what information we needed to provide. We would have been totally lost without you.

We can’t say enough good things about a company and it’s people that really care about the service they provide. This company knows its business.

As we have watched our home set in and seen each step that is bringing us closer to move-in-day, we know how grateful we are for our first contact with Pacesetter for we though we were only looking for a place to rent. But now we can’t thank you enough for our beautiful home.

Don and I will continue to tell others about Pacesetter. We want other to have the home experience too and we know you are the right people to complete the dream.


Mr. & Mrs. Binney

Chuck and Allene Schilder Salome, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Personnel,

The purpose of this letter is to convey our thanks for the great service from all of you in the purchase of our manufactured home. When we purchased property on the Indian Hills Airpark in Salome, AZ, we began looking for a manufactured home to place on the property. We had heard so many horror stories from friends who had gone through a similar experience, and soon understood what problems they had encountered. After coming up with nothing, on our way back to Salome from California, we saw Pacesetters’ sign from the highway, and decided to give it one last try. As a result of this decision, we finally found the house we were looking for and a great company to do business with.

We are completely satisfied with our home and with the Pacesetter Company. We have recommended your company to several people and we will continue to do so. Thank you again for making the purchase of our manufactured home such a pleasant experience.


Chuck & Allene Schilder

David and Nancy Haley Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

We are very pleased to write this letter of thanks. We had pretty much made up our minds to buy a custom built home until we visited the Pacesetter Homes showroom and was very graciously shown through several models of homes. We soon found out that the quality of the homes shown to us was just what we were looking for.

Our home arrived just before Christmas and we were very pleased with the condition of the home. All of the crew that installed it and did the preparation of the home was very well done.

Their follow up on the home was also wonderful. A person cannot say that about every dealership. We have lived in the home for quite some time now and find it very comfortable and pleasing. We have received many wonderful comments from people looking at the house. Thank you fo the experience of working with you to make us comfortable in a very nice home.

We would be very pleased to recommend Pacesetter Homes to anyone and would be happy to show our home to anyone interested in buying a home from you. Thanks again for a job well done.

David and Nancy Haley

Gene & Marilyn Manley Yuma, Az

Dear Pacesetter,

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for all the effort made by assisting us in the purchase and the installation of our new home.

We would not hesitate to send future customers to you. Thank you for a pleasant experience and a job well done.


Gene and Marilyn Manley

Ted & Norma Bailey Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

We would like to thank you for the work you have done in getting our new home finished. Everyone did a great job with the detail work. Everyone was so personable and knew their jobs very well.

It’s a pleasure to work with people like Pacesetter Homes employs.

Thank you for a job well done.

Ted & Norma Bailey

Dick & Barbara Schouten Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your staff for the great service we received in the purchase of our new home.

Your salesperson was very helpful and very patient with us. We are very please with your honesty and forthrightness. Everyone readily answered our questions, worked-up figures for us and did not pressure us into making a decision until we were ready to do so.

We would gladly recommend your company to anyone interested in a home.


Dick & Barbara Schouten

Ron & Gail Spencer Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

In August we moved temporarily to Yuma and started looking for a new home. We finally came across Pacesetter Homes.

We were greeted by one of your excellent salesmen. We explained our needs and dreams and graciously we were shown some of your homes.

We finally found the “one” and you were very professional in helping us lay out the house and plan for the installation.

We love our new home and it is all and more than Pacesetter promised.


Ron and Gail Spencer

Mike and Dorothy Flanigan Yuma, AZ

To: Pacesetter Homes

Mike and I want you to know that we are so glad we came into your facility last year. That warm and friendly contact culminated in our purchase of a new Pacesetter Home. It’s a lovely home, and it is all that it was proposed to be.

Each person on your team we found to be professional, helpful, and courteous. Even your contractors were topnotch. All work was done in a timely manner and it was quality work.

Most importantly, we found that we were not forgotten after the sale and setup of our home. We have learned that we can call with questions that come up with after living in the home awhile.

We would recommend Pacesetter Homes to any family or friend seeking quality products and a quality dealership team.

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy and Mike Flanigan

Dale and Betty Halverson Yuma, AZ


I just want you to know how much we like our new home.

Thank you for all your wonderful help, we could not have done it otherwise. This is our first home and we just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful job.

Thank you all,

Betty and Dale Halverson

Elaine and Dale Manifold Yuma, AZ

Dear Sirs,

We would like to thank you. From the time we entered Pacesetters office we felt we had come to the right place to buy our home. It’s nice to deal with warm and friendly people.

My husband and I have been very impressed with their scheduling. You always knew what and when things were happening and answered our questions and kept us informed.


Elaine and Dale Manifold

Ruben Velade & Patricia Canales Yuma, AZ

Pacesetter Homes,

Nosotros estamos muy satisfechos con Pacesetter Homes y con todos sus asistentes de ventas. Gracias por habernos ayudado en todo y haber termindado hasta el final de la venta.

Gracias por todo, la casa quedo hermosa!

Ruben Velade Y Patricia Canales

Gary And Virginia Lanphere Yuma, AZ

Dear Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the excellent way we have been treated as customers of Pacesetter Homes. You went all out in getting us into the home that we chose in a very timely manner. We have also found that anytime we have asked for help or advice on a particular problem there was no hesitation on your part to see the we were taken well cared of.

We would not hesitate to recommend anyone your company, as a company to deal with for a new home. Thank you very much.


Gary and Virginia Lanphere

John and Margaret Doscher Yuma, AZ

To: Whom it may concern

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the way in which you assisted us in the purchase of a home. The professionalism shown by all involved with us has been commendable. The concern that we get a quality product, and be happy with it, was an over-riding factor in all of our dealings.

Since all of those with whom we dealt with have been considerate, responsive and caring, there is no doubt that all of the workers at Pacesetter are of the same mold.

As you can probably read between the lines, we do love our place and hope to spend many years in it. We look forward to a continued warm relationship and will recommend you whenever the opportunity arises.


John and Margaret Doscher

Bob Phillips Somerton, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

Danny I know that you are a man of your word and I would consider it an honor to recommend you and Pacesetter Homes to anybody.

I have lived in Yuma since 1945 and have spent 21 years of that time at the Yuma County Sheriff’s office and Yuma City Police Department, therefore, I am well known. So you can see that I would not recommend somebody unless I had complete faith in them. I have faith and trust in you and Pacesetter Homes.

I remain,

Bob Philips

Budd & Evelyin Stapley Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter,

Budd and I would like to thank Pacesetter Homes for the very professional way in which every detail of our home purchase was handled. You made the purchase of our new home so easy.

When we hear the horror stories of other home owners, we are thankful that we chose Pacesetter Homes.

Anytime we can put in a good word for Pacesetter we do.


Budd and Evelyn Stapley

Ray and Delight Thomas Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter staff,

Delight and I are so pleased with the home that we purchased from you. We have found that the Pacesetter Homes are so well built that upkeep is very easy.

We are happy to recommend Pacesetter Homes to any and all. And in fact, we have recommended you to three of our good friends that it pays to investigate and deal with the best, Pacesetter Homes. They have all done so and each have purchased homes from you and are of course very pleased.


Ray and Delight Thomas

Howard and Pat Jones Yuma, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Staff,

My wife and I live in a Pacesetter home. Since we bought it, we have enjoyed our home very much. At the time of purchase we based our decision on two factors. My wife enjoyed the floor plan and I was impressed with the quality of the construction and dollar value.

The sales people who assisted us were very helpful and courteous. All of our questions were answered to our satisfaction. They always had time to discuss matters with us and I felt like they had a genuine interest in our needs.

After delivery, Pacesetter was prompt in the installation. People came by several times and followed up making sure that everything was satisfactory. We feel like we were treated very well and it was a pleasure doing business with such competent people.

As we shopped around, I found that the quality of materials and the construction was superior to the others. In addition, people that we talked to praised Pacesetter and boasted about their great reputation.

In short, we are very satisfied with our dealing with Pacesetter Homes and would not hesitate to do business with them again.


Howard and Pat Jones

Jim & Della Sage Quartzsite, AZ

Dear Pacesetter Homes,

We would like to thank you and your staff for patiently working with us through the process of purchasing a new home. Because we have been happy with the courteous service, we have referred many friends and family to Pacesetter Homes. We now live in our Pacesetter Home year round and it is very comfortable.


Jim & Della Sage